Don’t forget dessert (cashback)!

online casino dessert

After a fantastic evening of online casino play, relishing the best casino bonuses the internet has to offer, is there anything else to look forward to?

Why yes there is (assuming you choose the right casino).

Cashback is something a very few online casinos offer players from the moment they sign up. This means that, depending on the way the offer is structured, there is always something to look forward to.

There are typically two types of cashback offers: one type pays out on all wagers, and one type pays out if a player has a losing session.

A great example of the first type is PlayOJO, who give players between 0.6% and 0.06% in cash on every wager. That may not sound like a huge amount, but the amount a player wagers in a session is usually much higher than they might expect. Starting with a hundred pounds, a single player could easily wager over £1,000 in a matter of a few hours. A player would not need to rack up any huge wins to do this – even a session on a slow losing trajectory could end up with a wagering figure this high. At 0.6%, this would be a £6 bonus. Because PlayOJO never apply wagering requirements EVER, this cashback appears in a player’s account as cash. It can be withdrawn or played with immediately.

A second type of cashback offer focuses on repaying players some of their money if they end up losing. No one likes to even think about losing, so we don’t mean to be negative. But every experienced player will have experienced some back luck at least once (if not more often) so this type of offer is still nice to know about.

A great example is No Bonus Casino, who provide 10% cashback on all qualifying deposits if a player loses most of their deposit within 24 hours.

To qualify, players need to make a deposit of at least £25. Once the deposit is made, a 24 hour clock starts. If at the end of that 24 hours the deposit has been reduced to £10 or less, a player will get 10% cashback added to their account the following day.

This happens automatically, and there is no need to claim it or fill out a form. Like PlayOJO’s offer, the cashback is pure cash that players can choose to withdraw or play as they like with no wagering requirement.

Also, just like PlayOJO, this cashback offer is available to all players as soon as they sign up. This is completely different from the cashback that most online casinos offer. If you are like most players, you have never actually seen an online casino advertise a cashback offer. This is because it is normally something reserved for VIP players and high rollers, and casinos do not like to advertise when they do offer it (and certainly they don’t like to say how much a player needs to be wagering to qualify).

Cashback is often a much better alternative as a bonus than the typical online casino bonus. Experienced players who have had bad experiences with bonuses will often know this and seek out cashback offers. Whenever possible, check for an online guide to the best online casino cashback offers.

Building the ultimate online casino burger

Ultimate Casino Burger

The most important factor for building the ultimate online casino burger is having the right ingredients. We asked our friends at Casinos We Love to suggest which online casinos are the freshest and most delicious, and to help us build the best online casino burger possible. Here’s what they told us:

The Bun:

The bun of any burger plays three important roles: it must taste fresh and delicious, look great, and reliably hold the rest of the burger together. For that role Casinos We Love suggests EnergyCasino, which has a huge range of slots, a reputation for fast payouts, excellent customer support, and is one of the most visually attractive online casinos around.

Sure, looking great is not what many players think of all the time when choosing where to find slots, but an online casino’s interface is something players spend a lot of time with. Why not choose one that is appealing and exciting? Just like with  a burger, if the bun tastes great but is not attractive to look at, it will put potential customers off before they even have take their first bite.

One other reason to recommend this casino is the EnergyCasino no deposit bonus – a tasty treat that is a great way to get started.

The Patty:

The beef patty is the centrepiece of any burger.  After all, if there is no beef in your burger you’ve just got a weird salad sandwich!

For the patty, we want something mouthwateringly delicious and substantial. There’s nothing worse than a burger based on a patty that is bland or too small to support all the toppings. For this we recommend Unibet Casino.

Why? That’s easy to answer.

First of all, Unibet is a major casino brand that is well known. This is a brand you know already most likely, and can rely on.

But mostly because of the major online casinos, we think Unibet is one of the freshest and most exciting. It provides fantastic welcome bonuses, and a huge range of slots, private live casino rooms, lottery betting, and a fantastic range of other gambling choices like sports betting or even bingo!

If you want an online casino that is reliably awesome and with enough substance to support the rest of this hypothetical online casino burger, than Unibet is the best one to choose!

Special Sauce:

Like the best burgers, our online casino burger benefits from a unique special sauce that gives a zesty tang to the whole burger without overpowering the overall taste. For that, the obvious choice is Dr Slot.

The reason this casino makes an excellent special sauce is Dr Slot exclusive slots. Dr Slot does not just have a few exclusive slots among its mix – this  online casino is entirely made up of online slots!

This makes Dr Slot a really unique brand, and one that dedicated slots lovers have a duty to at least try out. Just be aware, this is a UK-only casino, so it is not for everyone. But the slots available are appealing. There are only a handful of online casinos with a range of exclusive slots like this – another is mForture, made by the same parent company, which includes the epic Burger Man slot!

The Salad:

The lettuce, onion, and tomato on a burger can easily be overlooked, but it is impossible to have an ultimate online casino burger without the best for each of these ingredients.

For this role Casinos We Love recommends QueenVegas. This fresh, appealing online casino has a great look and feel. And, of course, we think the QueenVegas megaspins, worth £1 each, make a great impression for any welcome bonus!

The Pickle:

Did you think we’d leave out the pickle? This zesty condiment may not suit everyone’s taste, but pickle lovers will know that a burger without a pickle cannot ever claim to be the ultimate in any category.

The choice for this role is obvious – Zodiac Casino. This online casino has been around a long time, and just like a pickle it has deepened its complex taste as it has matured. And also like a pickle it includes one unmistakably moorish factor – the Zodiac Casino 80 Mega Moolah spins for just £1!

There is a lot more to Zodiac Casino than just this stunning welcome bonus, but it is certainly an eye-catching offer. More than one player has won Mega Moolah jackpots worth millions of pounds while using spins from their 80 spin bonus, so it is certainly an offer that dedicated casino gourmands can ill afford to pass by.


And that’s it! Do you think Casinos We Love should have included different online casino burgers, or different ingredients? Let us know in the comments!

We’d like to turn this blog post into a series, so if you’d like to suggest your own Ultimate Online Casino Burger, leave us a comment for that as well and we will get back to you!

Online casino playing while eating a burger? Yes you can.

Online Casino Burger

One of the great things about an online casino is you can play it anywhere while you are doing pretty much anything – even eating a burger!

This flexibility is just one reason why these sites are so popular. Sure, if you go to a large casino resort town like Las Vegas the casinos will operate twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, but that is not nearly as flexible as an online casino.

With an online casino you can wake up at 2am and feel like playing blackjack in your pyjamas. You could be sitting on a train platform with an extra half hour to kill after your commuter train has been delayed. You could pretend to be looking up stats for an upcoming meeting when you are in fact playing Super Sic Bo with a live dealer in Cambodia. It is that flexible!

Being available anytime, anywhere, is part of the magic. And yes, you can play any and every online casino while you sit and eat a burger. The burger does not even have to be very good (although it would be nice if it was delicious)!

If it is a delicious burger, you may not be able to give your full attention to the game you are playing. If so, it is best to either take a break (always a good idea) or play a game with low strategy that has an “autoplay” function. Games like Topwheel Treasures or Spin and Win allow players to automatically place the same bet with each spin of the wheel without pressing a button. Since the results are completely random, you can play hands free and have both hands on your delicious burger. Just make sure you don’t accidentally bet too much!

What kind of burger goes best with an online casino? That’s a tough one, as an online casino has no taste or smell. We would recommend just choosing the burger you like best, the one that makes your mouth water. One tip – like gambling, with eating you should always stop when the fun stops. Don’t keep eating a huge burger if you’re really full just to clean your plate. This could give you a bloated, uncomfortable sensation for hours and that definitely does not go well with an online casino!

One thing we would recommend with any online casino burger, though. Be sure to eat the pickle. It’s good luck (trust us)!



Burger Man slot from mFortune

Burger Man

Is there any such thing as an online casino burger? Sure you can go to a casino and buy a hamburger sandwich, but we’re talking about the online version. Is it possible?Well, there is a Burger Man online casino slot!

Lettuce inform you regarding this mouth-watering piece of a mobile phone slots game from mFortune Casino. On the off chance that it’s mixture you’re after, it’s batter you could be winning in Burger Man portable slots, a greasy cook of a slots game that will make them slobber for money. Get some grub down you with this 5 reel, 9 win line slot game total with a buntastic smaller than usual game and a genuinely delicious dynamic Jackpot that will truly get your stomach thundering. It’s inexpensive food, and there’s quick money available to all. Make no mince-stake, Burger Man versatile slots will leave you hungry – hungry for increasingly fun! Burger Man runs a conventional greasy spoon and is caught up with concocting some uber multipliers. Be that as it may, don’t stress, this versatile slots game is 100% reasonable for vegans!

With a full line of Squeeze Bottles, you could earn yourself a 2000 times your stake per line but don’t forget about the Progressive Jackpot

Bonus Features for Burger Man

When between two and five Double Decker Burgers appear on a payline, players access the Burger Trail feature. Players click on tasty burgers as they come down the belt, and if they can continue to eat the food they reap the rewards! (players just need to stop when  they see a box containing salad).

The Tomato symbols is  the scatter. Three or more will release the free spin bonus feature, which results in five to nine free spins. Free spins can not be re-triggered

To get the Progressive Jackpot, look for the Burger Man symbol. Get five and the progressive jackpot is yours! Get a mix of Burger Man symbols and tomato scatter symbols and get a three hundred times stake win!

Like all mFortune slots, Burger Man is only available on one casino! That’s right, you won’t find it elsewhere. So if you want to play an online casino burger, mFortune may be your one and only chance! Just visit their website and see for yourself.

You might think it is the tastiest, most mouth-watering slot you’ve ever played.


Reliable online casinos and their payouts

Reliable online casinos and their payouts

Mansion Casino
• Bonus: U.K. players love blackjack for real money exclusive bonus of $ 300 for their players.
• Payout percentage: 96.43 percent is the payout offered by this casino.
• United States Players: Mansion Casino does not permit United States players.
Gaming Club Casino
• Bonus: Players can get up to $ 100 as bonus from this casino.
• Payout percentage: Gaming Club Casino offers best payout of 95.34 percent.
• United States Players: American players are not allowed to play at this casino.
Lucky Nugget Casino
• Bonus: Lucky Nugget Casino offers best bonus of $ 1000 for all their players.
• Payout percentage: 95.35 percent is the payout offered by this casino.
• United States Players: US players are not accepted by Lucky Nugget Casino.
Lesa Casino
• Bonus: Players can obtain bonus of € 1000 from this online casino.
• Payout percentage: 96.39 percent is the payout percentage offered by this casino.
• United States Players: American players cannot play games at this casino.
32 Red Casino
• Bonus: Best bonus available at this casino is £ 160.
• Payout percentage: 96.73 percent is the payout offered by this casino.
• United States Players: People from US are not allowed to play games at this casino.
Start playing at the best no deposit casinos online and blackjack strategy betting for UK citizens win big cash prizes backed by exciting bonuses and promotions.

How to play Poker Texas Holdem

How to play Poker Texas Holdem

Unique website offering wonderful Poker learning experiences

Texas Hold’Em is one of the widely accepted poker game. This website is the only website that provides fresh players an opportunity to learn the game. In this website lot of information has been mentioned such as how to play Texas Poker Game and its basics. It also provides information related to rules, regulations and time limit of playing poker. The article written in this website features following set of information.

* Ways to play Texas Hold’ Em Poker
* Basics to play Poker Texas Hold’Em
* Time duration of playing poker game
* This game is provided on many internet websites

Increased number of websites that provide Poker Texas Hold’Em depict that there is regular increase in number of players. This website has divided into different sections that cover different areas of the game including advanced strategies to play Poker Hold’Em. For the readers there is enough information to know about this game. If you are not getting suitable information you can move to other sections also. It is an amazing choice for the players who are exploited by various other websites that provide facility to play online Poker Texas Hold’Em as this website is properly registered and thousands of players are members of this website.

Why to gamble online


People gamble to test their fortune and if it goes in their favor, they start taking it seriously. On the other hand, those who loose in the very beginning never want to experience it again in their life. With the rise in the usage of internet, online gambling has become very prevalent. People don’t hesitate to try their hands on gambling online. This is due to several reasons which have been discussed as follows:

* One of the most pleasurable aspects of online gambling is that you can play casino at the comfort of your home and you need not to go to a casino to gain that thrill.
* Second advantage of online gambling is its 24 hour access which is not possible in real casinos.
* Playing online doesn’t require you to remember the rules of the game as you can keep them on your screen while playing, unlike real casinos.
* Gambling online reduces the pressure of the game and you can have the thrill of winning a game. Playing in real casinos offer lot of stress and pressure as higher amount of money is at stake.
* Online gambling sites present many attractive offers to lure the players who can play at their discretion and can choose the online casino most suitable for them.
* Most suitable way of online casinos to entice people is by offering them sign-up bonuses. These bonuses provide additional money or free play on every deposited amount. So, it offers you a thrilling chance of winning huge sums sans spending much.

These are some of the reasons why people choose online gambling over real casinos.

Online casinos offer legitimate recreation

Online Casinos

There was a time nt very long ago when gambling was generally viewed as an undesirable activity – a vice. It was illegal to play any game of gamble. But the scenario has undergone a sea-change in the modern world we are living in. These days gambling is accepted as a legitimate recreational activity like any other game or amusement which is quite popular. To meet the vast popular demand for such casino games, there has been a tremendous growth of the online gambling industry in last few decades. With the rising popularity and interest, even the famous real physical casino clubs are also now offering their services online besides a mushrooming of the numerous virtual casinos in the cyberspace. All this has made it possible for the casino-games lovers to play their favorite gambling games like poker, blackjack or slots from the comforts of their homes at any time convenient to them in a hassle free manner.

In fact, nowadays whatever casino games anyone wants to play are available online. Every casino player seeks to play a game at an online casino which is reliable, transparent and inspires trust confidence. is actually one such website which has been able to win the trust of a vast number of discerning people who throng such online casinos on a regular basis. The site offers a fine selection of the most popular casino games, is well designed and technically well supported besides providing many customer friendly features which will win your heart and loyalty.

Online casino games enhancing the joy

online casino games
Casino gambling is one of the best and most widespread forms of entertainment. Earlier people used to visit casinos to play this game but these days, people can get the entire fun and excitement of a real casino on the World Wide Web. Some of the gambling sites permit the players to play casino online entirely free of cost whereas some others charge a very nominal fee. The websites asks for the personal details of the person before letting anyone play the game online.

This is done for the security purpose and is applicable to all the players who sign up on the website for playing the game. Instant play, mobile casino and no deposit required $2000 free for you only at Casino Mate online

casino Gambling has been one of the most favorite pastimes since ages and it still continues that way. Whether you are playing for higher stakes or you have engaged small amount of bucks, casinos provide the required fun and thrill in our lives. Playing the game provides the requisite adrenaline rush into your body thereby bringing back the excitement to your life.

With the rise in the usage of internet, gambling has made its presence felt online as well. Now people can access majority of the popular games online too. These games are offered by various websites which install the most updated software to give real casino feel to the players. Since ages, gambling has been one of the best sources of entertainment and with the rise of technology, gambling has even lured those who have never dabbed their luck before.

Silver Oak Casino

Silver Oak Casino

Silver Oak Casino is the reputed and top online casino which is motorized by Real Time Gaming. Silver Oak Casino offers easy and reliable deposit and withdrawal options. It implements top-notch technologies to curb online threats.


The customers are given exceptional gaming experience and high quality graphics by real-time gaming software. Credit is given to outstanding sound customization and modulations which are done by the players. To ensure fine playing time to the players, precise and enhanced audio and visual effects are given by the software.


Silver Oak Casino offers more than 130 games which can be effectively played by the online players. Table games, poker variants, blackjack, slots, etc are offered by Silver Oak Casino. You can also find the traditional casino game here. Players are given a chance to play traditional casino games such as baccarat, keno, roulette and carps.

Bonus and promotions:

The bonuses and promotions offered by Silver Oak Casino are extraordinary when compared to other casinos. Players are given a welcome bonus of $10,000.

Payout percentage:

The payout percentage offered by Silver Oak Casino is about 98.55 percent.

Customer service:

Silver Oak Casino offers professional customer care service. You can get contact with casino by making the call to the toll free number of the casino. You can contact through fax and e-mail. Players can clarify their queries effectively from the customer service support of the casino.