Building the ultimate online casino burger

The most important factor for building the ultimate online casino burger is having the right ingredients. We asked our friends at Casinos We Love to suggest which online casinos are the freshest and most delicious, and to help us build the best online casino burger possible. Here’s what they told us:

The Bun:

The bun of any burger plays three important roles: it must taste fresh and delicious, look great, and reliably hold the rest of the burger together. For that role Casinos We Love suggests EnergyCasino, which has a huge range of slots, a reputation for fast payouts, excellent customer support, and is one of the most visually attractive online casinos around.

Sure, looking great is not what many players think of all the time when choosing where to find slots, but an online casino’s interface is something players spend a lot of time with. Why not choose one that is appealing and exciting? Just like with  a burger, if the bun tastes great but is not attractive to look at, it will put potential customers off before they even have take their first bite.

One other reason to recommend this casino is the EnergyCasino no deposit bonus – a tasty treat that is a great way to get started.

The Patty:

The beef patty is the centrepiece of any burger.  After all, if there is no beef in your burger you’ve just got a weird salad sandwich!

For the patty, we want something mouthwateringly delicious and substantial. There’s nothing worse than a burger based on a patty that is bland or too small to support all the toppings. For this we recommend Unibet Casino.

Why? That’s easy to answer.

First of all, Unibet is a major casino brand that is well known. This is a brand you know already most likely, and can rely on.

But mostly because of the major online casinos, we think Unibet is one of the freshest and most exciting. It provides fantastic welcome bonuses, and a huge range of slots, private live casino rooms, lottery betting, and a fantastic range of other gambling choices like sports betting or even bingo!

If you want an online casino that is reliably awesome and with enough substance to support the rest of this hypothetical online casino burger, than Unibet is the best one to choose!

Special Sauce:

Like the best burgers, our online casino burger benefits from a unique special sauce that gives a zesty tang to the whole burger without overpowering the overall taste. For that, the obvious choice is Dr Slot.

The reason this casino makes an excellent special sauce is Dr Slot exclusive slots. Dr Slot does not just have a few exclusive slots among its mix – this  online casino is entirely made up of online slots!

This makes Dr Slot a really unique brand, and one that dedicated slots lovers have a duty to at least try out. Just be aware, this is a UK-only casino, so it is not for everyone. But the slots available are appealing. There are only a handful of online casinos with a range of exclusive slots like this – another is mForture, made by the same parent company, which includes the epic Burger Man slot!

The Salad:

The lettuce, onion, and tomato on a burger can easily be overlooked, but it is impossible to have an ultimate online casino burger without the best for each of these ingredients.

For this role Casinos We Love recommends QueenVegas. This fresh, appealing online casino has a great look and feel. And, of course, we think the QueenVegas megaspins, worth £1 each, make a great impression for any welcome bonus!

The Pickle:

Did you think we’d leave out the pickle? This zesty condiment may not suit everyone’s taste, but pickle lovers will know that a burger without a pickle cannot ever claim to be the ultimate in any category.

The choice for this role is obvious – Zodiac Casino. This online casino has been around a long time, and just like a pickle it has deepened its complex taste as it has matured. And also like a pickle it includes one unmistakably moorish factor – the Zodiac Casino 80 Mega Moolah spins for just £1!

There is a lot more to Zodiac Casino than just this stunning welcome bonus, but it is certainly an eye-catching offer. More than one player has won Mega Moolah jackpots worth millions of pounds while using spins from their 80 spin bonus, so it is certainly an offer that dedicated casino gourmands can ill afford to pass by.


And that’s it! Do you think Casinos We Love should have included different online casino burgers, or different ingredients? Let us know in the comments!

We’d like to turn this blog post into a series, so if you’d like to suggest your own Ultimate Online Casino Burger, leave us a comment for that as well and we will get back to you!

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